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Songwriting Portfolio


I began writing songs as a teenager to help process and understand the world as an autistic non-binary person. Since graduating from my undergraduate degree in folk and traditional music, I have worked full time as a creative freelancer using songwriting to tell stories and build community. 

My songwriting style is authentic, personal and rooted in emotion and story telling. 


Marsha P Johnson

Marsha P Johnson pays tribute to the activist and queer history, while exploring my own relationship with the queer community. Described by trad folk as a " beautifully self-deprecating hymn to self."

Without Pitty

Commissioned by Unlimited, this song explores living with duel identities of being disabled and LGBTQ+. The work was inspired by conversations with LGBTQ+ disabled people in west yorkshire, and was written to a tune collected in Bradford. 


When writing this track, I imagined myself as Philomela, a charicter in greek mythology. Through writing, I tried to explore the complex landscape of surviving gender-based violence.  

Easily Bruised

This song explores the journey of finding queer joy, love and acceptance after growing up in a religious/intolerant area. I wrote the song as a reflection on my experience growing up around homophobia, and feeling as if my existance was politicised. 


In this song, I explore the compliexities of trans experience and parental dissapointment through the traditional story of Icarus. 

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